Where to get Qcricket flour at the lowest price in the world

Bugsolutely cricket flour is made with 100% dried and prepared house crickets from Thailand, brought up in a GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) guaranteed farm. The cricket developing and the flour taking care of occur inside a comparative as of late built office. We fill in according to the best assumptions: we use food grade egg plate, present day feed not containing animal trimmings and cleaned water in every movement of the cycle. We use front line advancements, including an extraordinary hot air evaporating measure that keeps the basic nutty, cooked flavor anyway achieves light gritty hued tone, delicate smell, long time span of practical ease of use and a thin powder.

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Our farm is GAP ensured, by virtue of created by the Ministry of Agriculture, the essential association to convey safe-developing guidelines.

The flour preparing plant is HACCP ensured and Thai FDA enrolled. All cycles are followed and respect overall food rules.

Thing customization is possible, on demand, for pack sizes and names. Whole cooked dry crickets can moreover be mentioned at a comparative expense for each kg of the flour.

Bugsolutely sells ex modern office Bangkok. In case you don’t have a conveyance expert in Thailand, we can help you finding one. Our flour has been exchanged to different countries, in this way we can help you understanding the necessities for clearing your custom and organizing with your public food rules.


– INGREDIENTS: 100% whole Acheta Domesticus crickets (in any case called House Crickets).

– PROCESSING METHODS: cooking and pounding

– PARTICLE SIZE: 60 cross section (250 micron)

– SHELF LIFE: a year (in fixed packs, no refrigeration required)

– MOQ: normally, least sum is 100 kg for each solicitation

– LEAD TIME: modestly, under 1 ton, fourteen days from the solicitation


We use interesting sacks to guarantee the thing and augmentation cricket powder time interval of ease of use. The internal piece of the packs is made of food grade direct low-thickness polyethylene (LLDPE). The outer layer is made of PET, while in the middle the material is aluminum. These packs are more grounded than the essential aluminum sacks used any most of the flour makers, and it is the delayed consequence of our contribution in worldwide shipments. In light of our predominant sacks, the threat of flour spilling or pack breaks is close to nothing. We pass on our flour in these awesome quality packs to rigid customers at no extra cost. Packs are open in 1 kg and 5 kg size, at the customer’s watchfulness.

Packs are then situated in holder boxes (40 x 60 x 14 cm) for the shipment, which are associated with the flour cost. Any additional report (for example, Health Certificate, Certificate of Origin, etc), lab test on solicitation, beds or novel boxes are responsible to extra charges.