Advantages of Using Mixer Taps

For new-built homes, basin mixer taps are the norm, however in many older built properties, two separate taps are still fairly common, especially in bathrooms. A mixer tap has two different water supplies (one for cold water and the other for hot water) and one single spout where the water can be combined to offer warm water or turned to offer cold or hot as required.

Though mixer taps seem quite contemporary, it was actually invented and patented in 1880 by Thomas Campbell with features to balance the ratio of hot and cold water to make sure that the water that comes out is not too hot, perfect to help preventing scalds. Most baths and showers now use a thermostatic mixing valve so you can set the temperature of the water without having to blend it using two taps though the mixer making it simple and by reducing the chances of a burn it is a win win situation.

Basin Mixer taps are considered to be better than older designed pillar taps and look a lot more stunning and can help give the room a more minimalist look. They are fairly good for use in small spaces as you only need one hole therefore you can use a smaller basin and still gives you enough space to wash. More importantly, mixer taps, especially ones with a built-in thermostat are more convenient to use. Just set the temperature you want, turn it on and you have warm or hot water just the way you like it.

Basin mixer taps are also easy to maintain as they use ceramic discs inside instead of rubber washers, which means it is less likely to leak than traditional pillar tap. As a result, you will less likely be driven mad by the sound of a leaky tap!

Basin mixer taps with built-in thermostats also help save water as you don’t have to let it run for a long time to get the right temperature before showering; It’s believed that you probably save about 15% of water using a thermostatic water tap compared to traditional taps. So, it’s not only good for you but for the environment too.

Mixer taps are becoming more and more popular not just for their looks but for their functionality to. Water saving, environmental benefits, complete thermostatic control all add up to make these relatively new form of Bathroom tap the ideal choice for any household bathroom no matter what the size.